What’s up Doc?

March 10, 2010

So it’s been a little bit since I posted anything. Oops.

Here’s what’s happening.

I’ve been doing really well (according to my supervisors) with my job. I really love the kids that I work with, even on the challenging days. I’m FINALLY getting supervision hours signed off and am on my way towards being able to take the BCBA exam. Most exciting of all, the Riverside CARD office is officially open and I no longer will have to drive to Orange County for any meetings or paperwork needs!!!! Such a good thing!!!!

Last month, we moved to a much bigger, and much nicer, place. It’s 7 minutes from church, so that makes Sunday mornings a little less hateful. I can sleep for like 10 minutes longer….But we really like the new place and are enjoying our new home.

Also last month, my Mom got her doctorate degree! She is now Dr. Cox! We all went for her doctoral defense on inclusion in preschool programs. I, of course, was very interested by the topic. But mostly, we are all so proud of Mom. She has always been an inspiration to me. She (and Dad) made a lot of sacrifices for JW and I when we were growing up. Mom stayed home with us while we were little and then went back to school when we went to school. She worked soooo hard and diligently throughout her whole career and she has done such a wonderful job in the field of education and special education. I am very inspired by my Mom, to be a godly wife, a godly mother, a strong woman, and to be diligent in all that I do. Both of my parents have been a wonderful example for me throughout my life, and I wouldn’t trade my family for any family in the whole wide wierld. (world).

Let’s see…what else…Oh…I got to see my good buddy Merry Pierce when she was down here for her sister’s wedding. Even the little bit of time that I had to spend with her, it made me really miss her a lot. And then I started thinking about all of my “old” friends and really missing them. I feel like, I’ve been missing a strong Christian woman in my life that I can really bond with. I have lots of good friends in the Journey and outside of the Journey, but I guess I’m just really craving a deep Spiritual connection with a woman that really understands me. In some ways, I think it’s my fault, because I don’t really put myself out there for connecting with women. So I really need to work on that…and pray about that…

Coming soon….who knows?


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