As promised, here comes the update on the job situation.

I went for the training weekend at the beginning of October. It was a lot of fun to meet new people and have a nice refresher course on the “basic” principles of ABA. As nerdy as it sounds, I fell in love with my job all over again. To top it off, Paul and I got to spend the weekend in Orange County in order to eliminate my having to drive back and forth every day of the training.

After that looooooong and informative weekend, it was study time. I studied my enormous binder of ABA terminology and theories and then it was exam time. I managed to get a 95 out of 100 on the exam, which I was pretty pleased about. THEN I got a schedule for overlapping sessions. I started my overlapping sessions, which were so fun! The kids that I got to work with were all so different and it was just really refreshing to get back into the field and to learn new ways of doing things. A really “mind-expanding” experience I guess you could say! 🙂 After a brief hiatus for a previously planned Washington D.C. trip, I finished up my overlap session and completed my field evaluation last Friday (October 30).

That brings us to now. I’ve been waiting to hear from the office all week regarding whether I passed, and what my schedule of clients would be.  I did receive word yesterday that I passed the field evaluation portion of my training and that due to some unexpected delays on their end, they have not been able to finalize my schedule yet. So I’m “patiently” waiting. As my wise Mommy said to me earlier today, I’ll probably get my schedule and be working more than I expected.

I’m trying to be positive through the whole situation, thanking God for taking me from a really difficult situation and placing me in what promises to be a bright, if challenging, new environment. I am struck by how God provides things we didn’t even know that we needed. For example, this week, because I wasn’t working I’ve had the opportunity/ability to do the following:

1) spend more quality time with my husband in the evenings.

2) take care of some unexpected maintenance issues on my car.

3) reconnect with some OLD friends at Disneyland

4) have a good lunch with my “little” brother

5) simply RELAX!

I firmly believe that God knew that I needed/wanted the time to do those things and He provided! I know I probably shouldn’t be, but I am continuosly blown away by the perfection of His timing!