I’ll try it….

September 10, 2009

My hope is that this blog will be sort of a way for me to share what’s been going on in my life. The good, the bad, the ugly. Without spilling too many details, I’ll let the adoring public know what I’ve been doing, and what God’s been doing in my life. So let’s get started…

I’ve been learning a lot about faith lately. Faith in God, and faith in what God can do through me. I must admit, I’ve been having a hard time really believing that I’m particularly successful. But I’ve been reminded lately, that God has a purpose for everything in my life, even the painful stuff. I’m not sure what the purpose of this current pain is, but I know that God will deliver me and I will be a better person because of it.

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to sing special music at church. The song was “Yet I Will Praise.” It’s basically a declaration to God that even in the midst of the painful stuff, the difficult stuff, and the hurtful stuff, I will still praise Him. As hard as it was/is to sing those words, I have not been able to get those words out of my head. On the surface, I may not always feel like praising God, but in my heart of hearts I know that I serve an almighty God who has great plans for me. 

I, for one, absolutely cannot wait to see what those plans are.


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